frankie Magazine September - October 2019

frankie Magazine is an Australian bi-monthly with a difference. A niche-style title with mainstream appeal – filled with fashion, art, craft, music, cuteness and real-life inspiration – frankie is dedicated to uncovering the newest trends, celebrating the latest creative talents and delivering sharp, honest, laugh-out-loud stories their readers can relate to.

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we’ve been thinking a lot about friendship

while putting this issue together. The joy of making an unexpected new pal; the comfort of knowing there’s someone close by to rewatch The Golden Girls with for the billionth time; and the ways a good chum can help us learn and grow. Within these pages, we’ve spoken to folks who probably wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing without a close pal along for the ride. There’s the troupe of mates who spend their days swanning about on rollerskates, for instance. Or the pair of self-taught ocularists whose collective mission is to travel the world crafting fake eyeballs. But then there are those trying times when a friendship comes to an untimely end – when someone you’ve come to love and trust decides it’s time to move on. We dig into this…

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dear fraankie

Dear frankie, As a student currently submerged in the dreaded HSC, I wanted to thank you with all my heart for issue 90. Every day recently has been spent obsessing over marks, ranks, assessments and ATAR calculators, but with the help of those clever life mottos, I found myself more empowered than anything. I know now that despite every negative thing this year has and will throw at me, I’ll be kind to myself, say no when I need to, never settle and work hard while shaking my hips. Thank you endlessly, Jen x Dear frankie, I’m a complete flower fanatic, so no one was surprised when that was my first tattoo. By my fourth, I’d fallen in love with the idea that someone versed in ‘petal talk’ could read these…

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frank bits

twenty-seven names New Zealand outfit twenty-seven names are at it again. Designers Rachel Easting and Anjali Burnett have stitched up another top-notch collection just in time for spring, complete with sweet floral motifs and their signature floaty layers. Sigh. How nice it would be to spend a day wrapped up in them, milkshake and a good book in hand. Skip over to twentysevennames.co.nz to see more. little paisley designs Got a stain on your favourite pants or jacket that just won’t budge? Fret not, frankie pal – just whack one of these iron-on patches from Little Paisley Designs on top and you’re laughing. (And your garment just got approximately 32 per cent cuter, as a bonus.) You’ll find their full range of shapes over at littlepaisleydesigns. com – we’re rather partial to the…

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monette and mady

Hi Maja! Tell us a bit about yourself, please. I have a background in sociology and have always used it to inform my photographic practice. I find it interesting to think about what an image does to us – how it plays a role in the way we see others and ourselves, and thus negotiate our identities. I’ve always been interested in hybrid formats and shaking up genres. For this project, I’m mixing constructed ‘documentary’ work with elements of fashion photography. Who are Monette and Mady, and how did you meet them? Monette and Mady are identical twins. They’ve lived their whole lives closely together and are, as they say, inseparable. Neither woman has married or had children, and they always eat the same kind of food in identical portions. I…

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late-night trading

The world of advertising can, at times, be a shifty business. Cola brands promise all the fizzy fun and frivolity you can handle, and fast-food outlets spruik incomparable happiness, wrapped in a bun. I’ve always thought of myself as somewhat ad-savvy – never to be swindled by clever slogans uttered by shiny people. I figured I was immune to the trickery in all its form. Then, while midway through my uni degree (in which advertising featured prominently), something happened. I found myself up at night, watching TV during the wee hours, when those amateur late-night commercials began popping up on screen. Whenever they unapologetically appeared at 3am, I would snap out of my zombie-like state and giggle my sleep-deprived bum off. If you’re a fellow insomniac, or perhaps a shift-worker, and…

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on the job

Growing up in Kenya was really cool. I was young when we moved there, to a camp set up to help people transition from war-torn countries (in my case, South Sudan) to getting a sponsorship to go overseas. My mum had eight kids and I’m number five. We'd finish school around midday and go home to help with cooking, or carrying water. We went back and forth between the refugee camp and the capital city, Nairobi – we were pretty much always on the move. They called me the active child – but in the camp, only boys got the opportunity to play soccer. My mum enrolled me in a school in Nairobi so I could get into the different sports they offered. Then, in 2006, we left Kenya and came…