Drone Issue 5, 2017

For enthusiasts, kids and commercial operators, covering new drone products, how drones work, what new uses they offer, the latest operating techniques, commercial opportunities, competitions and regulations

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IT feels like in almost every issue there are a couple of product launches from DJI, and issue 5 is no exception with the introduction of the tiny Spark and the amazing DJI Goggles which we were fortunate enough to get a hold of for some hands-on time. If you own a Mavic Pro you need to seriously think about getting a set of these bad boys, they turn your drone flight into a fully immersive VR-like experience. Read our write-up on them on page 35. Speaking of DJI, it seems no competitor can touch them at the moment. Before a competing product has the chance to match specs, they go next generation setting the bar even higher. I am sure even DJI would enjoy some healthy competition, as they still…

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inspire me

LIKE most professional drone pilots, I’ve been flying the Inspire 1 and Inspire Pro since release a couple of years ago. It really was a game changer – it simplified and unified so many systems and made working on the simpler jobs so much easier. One case replaced several cases, heavy batteries, chargers and generators to support the previous much larger solution. In the last 2 years drone tech has advanced somewhat, and early this year the Inspire 2 was unveiled. Since then we have added a couple of these bad boys to our fleet. Let’s take a look at the upgrades and what makes this evolution so amazing. So what’s new? The list of features the Inspire 2 boasts is now quite broad. It packs all the standard features you will find on…

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selfies a breeze

THE Breeze is a small mid-priced drone aimed squarely at the selfie camera market and casual family fun. It is sleek, friendly and simple to fly controlled by your smart device or optional RC controller. If you are looking for a first drone that won’t send you broke and still has some important safety features to ensure you don’t lose it in flight or crash too easily, whilst making you look like a boss as you post wicked selfies with ease to social media, then the Breeze is worth a closer look. Flight Controls Using the Breeze Cam app on any smart device and connected via Wifi you can access all the manual and autonomous flight controls. Flying with the virtual sticks on your screen is intuitive and you can’t really get…

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decisions, decisions

IF you came across a Phantom 4 and a 4 Pro side by side you would be hard pressed to know straight away which was which. You may notice the additional collision sensors on the side, and a slightly different camera, but the real differences are under the hood. Under close examination, you would discover some serious upgrades, especially significant for the video and photography buffs. If you are in the market for a small take-anywhere drone to capture epic shots on your adventures or even semi-pro drone work, then you have a few options now. The Phantom 4 Pro (P4P) obviously trumps the Phantom 4, but when deciding between the P4P and the Mavic, you really need to weigh up the differences and work out which is for you. Let’s dig…

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build your own racer

Make sure you use Loctite or a similar thread-lock to ensure screws do not work loose under vibration SOME of our readers asked us if we could do a story on building your own FPV racer. I do enjoy a project so I did some research. I was keen to feature a pro-level quad that could give anything out there a run for its money. It didn’t take long to come across The Helix, built and sold only in parts by a local company called ImpulseRC. Delving further into the story of The Helix revealed that within days of its launch, it took first place in both Freestyle and Racing events at the AU Drone Nationals 2016 on the Gold Coast. I watched a few YouTube videos of this crazy fast quad zipping around…

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face tech

FIRST Person View flight, simply known as FPV, is a unique niche indeed. Not quite RPAS yet not exactly conventional RC either, FPV flying falls somewhere in between. Exploding in popularity over the past few years, entire ecosystems have developed to satisfy the ever-expanding number of inductees to this unusual combination of hobby, culture and art form. Development in some areas has been rapid, while others have lagged behind. Video headsets have evolved relatively slowly and are yet to really deliver what the market desires. While the ultimate objective of a fully integrated small goggle set with full HD resolution and a large, clear, properly immersive field of view is still some distance away, there are still some fantastic options available. Obvious considerations like aesthetics, portability, functionality, resolution and price point can be relatively…