Drone Issue 4, 2016

For enthusiasts, kids and commercial operators, covering new drone products, how drones work, what new uses they offer, the latest operating techniques, commercial opportunities, competitions and regulations

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IT has been a rather exciting year in drones. DJI have released a whole line of new products, from the Pro level heavy lift Matrice 600 Hexacopter to the ground breaking MAVIC personal drone that (almost) fits in your pocket, plus a new version of the Phantom 4 and the Inspire 2. The company seems to be unstoppable and through a classic strategy of regularly leapfrogging themselves, I can’t imagine a competitor getting anywhere near them anytime soon. Well played DJI. What’s exciting too is the advancement on the software side, allowing drones even as small as the MAVIC Pro to dynamically and smoothly track moving subjects whilst avoiding obstacles. This is something a few manufacturers have been working towards for years, but finally this year you can go out and…

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new kid on the block

DJI have gone from strength to strength and are by far the market leaders in consumer and professional drones. Until now though, their consumer solution has consisted of one flagship drone which you may know, the Phantom. We love the Phantom, but you will struggle trying to stuff the drone and its large controller into a regular sized backpack and head out for an adventure. Other manufacturers have been downsizing solutions to increase portability, but just as the competition come up with some half decent solutions, such as GoPro’s Karma, DJI aims to wipe the board clean with the Mavic Pro. Great things in small packages No more removing props to pack away, the Mavic Pro folds down neatly and tucks its props away to a ridiculously small size, 83 x 83…

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karma chameleon

WITH so many other tech companies already venturing into drone territory, many have been waiting to see what the company synonymous with extreme sports would deliver Karma comes in a slim, sexy, well presented backpack. It’s a slimmer travel case than just about anything with similar capabilities on the market. That is besides the DJI Mavic (see our review in this issue p14). The case is really compact thanks to the camera gimbal being mounted on the front of the drone rather than the underbelly like a Phantom. The Karma ecosystem The thing is, Karma isn’t just one product. Karma is somewhat of a transforming chameleon. It is in fact more of an accessory suite for the GoPro 5. It consists of the GoPro 5, the Karma Drone and a handheld stick mount,…

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a rocket in your pocket

PRODUCING a drone with the feature list that Dobby boasts is no mean feat, but it appears Zerotech were up for the challenge. The Chinese company behind Dobby are not new to the scene. They produce some fairly high end flight controllers, gimbals and complete commercial drones. The marketing behind Dobby makes it look like a wonder drone of the future, it was time to see how it performed in real life. TECH INSIDE Smaller than many smartphones, Dobby packs a lot into a tiny package weighing just 199g including the battery. The brain running Dobby’s core systems is a Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad Core 2.3Ghz processor and Adreno330 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) with 16Gb for storing captured photos and footage on board. It is hard to believe they have squeezed a GPS+GLONASS Dual Satellite…

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swing wing

First impressions & setup When I saw the box I was immediately struck by how well it was packaged and designed. It looked like some insect that just wanting to get out of the box and be released to the skies. Setup was simple. It comes with a small battery that once placed in the drone stays there and charges in the drone. You don’t even need to have a smartphone since it comes with a Parrot Flypad which is a small RC style controller, although the smartphone does allow you to change settings and provides updates to the drone’s software. This is really easy to do as it guides you every step of the way. Take flight In quad mode it’s pretty simple. It’s nice to fly and does what you expect it to,…

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little troublemaker

Out of the box The Mambo comes in a nice compact box with everything all set and ready to go. It looks cool and kind of reminded me of a wasp with its slick shape and eerie glowing green eyes. I was really excited to get this naughty drone in the air with its cannon and arsenal of brightly coloured ammunition. This was going to be GOLD! Setup & Controls Setup is really easy, just place the battery in the drone and forget about it. Charging the battery is easy and when the little green light stays on you’re good to go. This little critter has a few tricks up its sleeve. If you just have your smartphone to use as a controller you will find it somewhat slow going through all the menus…