Drone Issue 3, 2016

For enthusiasts, kids and commercial operators, covering new drone products, how drones work, what new uses they offer, the latest operating techniques, commercial opportunities, competitions and regulations

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RECENTLY looked back at our first issue, that we published only 12 months ago, and it’s astonishing the rate at which this new industry is developing. FPV Racing was way underground and race meets were held in abandoned parking lots or warehouses rather than in city stadiums offering huge prize money. Sense–and-Avoid technology was still a dream for consumer level drones. It makes me wonder what amazing new features and tech we will see over the next year. It certainly is an exciting time for drones. Also exciting is for us to announce that Drone Magazine is getting a full website re-vamp. Up until now our site has been mainly there to provide a sneak peak into the current issue and to access our links to purchasing the print or digital magazine…

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The much anticipated Lily Camera or 'Selfie' Drone has accumulated over 60,000 pre-orders amounting to over 34 million dollars thus far. That's pretty impressive for a concept that hasn't begun shipping! So what's got the world excited? Besides its cute friendly appearance, it is said to be completely waterproof and all you need to do is throw it in the air or indeed the water and it will spring into action and start shooting you as you do whatever it is that you do. Landing in water will be no biggie either as it will float till you retrieve it. The marketing shows snowboarding, running, white water rafting and more as different activities Lily can work with. It uses a tracking device you can put in your pocket and does not require…

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fayee fy805

Fitting into the palm of your hand and uniquely featuring a controller unit that houses the drone for transport, the FY805 can perform 3D flips and spins. With its 6 bright coloured LED lights it makes a cool spinning disco light at night. Like many nano drones the controls can be a bit twitchy, especially the throttle, but it does have a beginners mode to slow it down if you find yourself bashing into too many walls. The tiny props break easy so make sure you grab some spares. Making a great gift for someone else or yourself, the FY805 is currently the world's smallest hexacopter and a super fun indoor nano drone. Model: FY805 Manufacturer: Fayee Type: Nano hexacopter Width/length: 45mm Radio control type: Supplied Flight time: 4-5 mins Price: $30-35 From: eBay…

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eachine racer

If you are not into soldering and building drones but really want to get your FPV on, then the cheap online store Banggood offers an excellent quad you might want to check out. The popular Eachine 250 FPV Racer has a solid frame and comes complete with all the bits you’re going to need including fast 2204/2300KV motors that will support a 4S Lipo. Its stylised look has a cool red front face with headlights that light up like eyes, and rear taillight strip adjustable colour chases. The inbuilt camera and video transmitter has an On Screen Display (OSD) with all your essential flight data. The Ready To Fly (RTF) version comes with a transmitter and an FPV screen, however racing on a screen is not as immersive or fun as using FPV…

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the blade inductrix 200 fpv

The fast and furious world of FPV racing may seem a little daunting to the uninitiated. Even if you are super confident flying line-of-sight, as soon as you put on those goggles, all the rules change. If you want to dip your toes in and see what it's like, check out the Inductrix 200 just released by Blade. It brings the adrenaline levels down a few notches, and adds some safety features like prop guards so you can experience FPV without needing advanced piloting skills. You can even fly it indoors safely. It's designed to be beginner friendly, so you won't win any races, and the video signal won't let you go too far away outdoors, it's designed that way. It will, however, let you get familiar with flying FPV…

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take my money: buying your first drone

WITH an ever increasing variety of shapes and sizes it’s hard to know where to start. Our resident drone tech guru Andy Willmott put together this little guide to point you in the direction of some good first drones. 1 Kidlings Best start with something you can safely fly indoors, that can handle being knocked around and won’t do any damage. Prop guards are a good idea, or make sure you grab a bunch of spares. A quick search on eBay for ‘Nano Drone’ or ‘Nano Quad’ will give you a huge selection. Hexacopters are the new buzz in tiny drones and on a tight budget you really can’t go past the FY805 (see mini review this issue) or this JJRC H20 Micro Hexacopter. This one is really stable for a tiny copter,…