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for the birds: who can make swallows soar again?

NOW that Swallows FC have plumbed the depths of despair, it might be good to get back together with an ex, as the club’s capricious chairperson David Mogashoa plots the team’s resurgence. The Soweto-based Swallows were once ranked among the most successful clubs in South Africa. Now it has nosedived to rock bottom on the Premiership standings. After 12 matches, the team has one lousy win. The dreadful run of form has raised the ire of the Dube Birds faithful, whose pressure contributed to the axing of coach Brandon Truter on Sunday evening, hours after Swallows suffered a humiliating 3-1 defeat by cross-town rivals Kaizer Chiefs in the Soweto derby Last week, Mogashoa started feeling the heat when he learnt that supporters were planning to vent their feelings at a…

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overburdened consumers’ rental appetite is weak

Given Majola given.majola@inl.co.za THE RESIDENTIAL rental market was oversupplied, as demand for rental property remained weak in the third quarter of this year. TPN Credit Bureau chief executive Michelle Dickens said last week that the low demand was perhaps not surprising, considering that the hard lockdown in the second quarter of last year wiped out 14 percent of obs. “Even after some subsequent initial job recovery, the unemployment situation remains concerning, at 34.4 percent, meaning 1.4 million pre-pandemic jobs have been lost. The unemployment rate deteriorated again in the third quarter of 2021, with an additional 375 000 more jobs lost in the formal sector,” Dickens said. According to TPN, exacerbating the challenge of high unemployment were the increased housing costs, water, gas and other fuels…

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metaverse: a whole new world

IN 1992, the science fiction writer, Neal Stephenson, wrote an interesting futuristic book called Snow Crash in which he coined the term “metaverse”. His intention was to describe an alternative computer-generated universe that is highly immersive, with a shared virtual world where people could gather, socialise, play games, work and do business. Today, Stephenson’s description still holds, and the metaverse is seen as an online digital space where people can do things together in interconnected worlds across a wide variety of devices. But you will need a digital avatar of yourself to participate. The metaverse is also closely tied to the development of Web 3.0, which many believe is the next phase of the internet’s development. It is purported that Web 3.0 will be built on blockchains that will demo-…

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artscape pays homage to dance icon themba mbuli

Kedibone Modise Artscape is hosting a series of events this festive season and, among them are selected dance performances in honour of the life and legacy of the dance legend, co-founder and associate director of Unmute Dance Company, Themba “Dredz” Mbuli. The festival sees thrilling dance pieces Traces of Memory and Ngwedi, and an installation by Louise Wester- hout celebrating Mbuli’s immense contribution to the industry. Kicking things off on Wednesday, December 1, is the ArtsAbility Festival, dedicated to the memory of Mbuli. The award-winning choreographer and dance teacher died in January after a short illness. In Traces of Memory, dancers revisit some of the works created by Mbuli in his seven years with the company, through dance and display of imagery . Ngwedi is a dance tribute to Mbuli.…

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a celebration of the intimate creative process of artists

Kedibone Modise kedibone.modise@inl.co.za Local artists Vanessa Tembani and Stephen Langa are set to showcase their latest artworks at an intimate group exhibition titled I Surrender to Creation. The exhibition attempts to examine and assess the various methods that young contemporary artists use to create their artworks. On what drew her to the project, rising star Tembani said: “A lot of times people seem to think that contemporary art has to come from some mind-numbing esoteric space. But I found it refreshing to see a curatorial standpoint that was about the process of creating and what that might or might not look like for the artist. “As an artist whose work is very much driven by the process, a lot of time I feel like I am just a conduit for…

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exhibition preserves african stories and culture for future generations

Kedibone Modise kedibone.modise@inl.co.za Augmented reality artists Xabiso Vili and Sonwabo Valishaya form part of the young creatives from across the continent who are showcasing their works at the newly launched Fak’ugesi Digital Innovation Festival. The hybrid event profiles work from 40 digital artists exhibiting their works in the virtual gallery space, also featuring new installations at the physical gallery at Tshimologong, in Joburg. “Re/Member your Descendants,” is the collaborative work between Vili and Valishaya and the exhibition asks the question, “if you were an ancestor, what would your descendants call upon you for?” “I collaborated with Xabiso on this project to be able to tell our African stories through our experiences and innovative ways. My work strives to preserve our way of being and our cultures, and with this project,…