Camper Trailer of the year

Camper Trailer of the year

This year’s Camper Trailer of the Year was the grandest ever staged, with 25 campers making the final cut. The calibre of all finalists was outstanding, which suggests to us here at Camper that the ultimate camping adventure is now more attainable than ever. In this special edition, we present a compendium of our judge's thoughts and verdicts in one bumper issue. It truly is the finest camper trailer guide currently available.

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camper products

www.campertraileraustralia.com.au/gear CAMPER - MARINE SPORTS BAG Huge main compartment with an extra wide U-shaped zippered opening made from 500D water-resistant polyester tarpaulin with PVC coating and 1680D ballistic polyester base. Including moulded rubber reinforced quick grab handle on both ends, oversized panel webbing for extra strength and durability, rubber feet for added protection, detachable/ adjustable padded shoulder strap and heavy duty oversized zippers and accessories. CAPACITY: 77 Litres DIMENSIONS: 60cm W x 37cm H x 35cm D COLOUR: Black CAMPER BEANIE Warm and stylish. One size fits most.100% acrylic ribbed knit. Inner fleece lining around browband. COLOURS: Grey CAMPER DOME BAG Polyester with latex rubber backing and diamond weave ripstop polyester with PVC backing. Huge main compartment with zippered opening. Heavy-duty oversized zippers. Velcro wrap carry handle for comfortable grip. Rubber feet for added protection. CAPACITY: 58 Litres DIMENSIONS: 65cm x 30cm…

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there's plenty of tweed in teamwork

It says a lot that we talk about Cruisemaster Camper Trailer of the Year on a daily basis in here at Adventures HQ. It was staged months ago and yet the energy expended and the laughs enjoyed still resonate in many of the plans we’re making for future events. It took a lot of behind-the-scenes pre-production effort to synchronise the disparate entities, corral them into order, hit our targets in terms of testing and production requirements but, at the same time, keep all participants fully abreast of their packed nine-day schedules, well-fed, well-rested and fully entertained. CRUISEMASTER were instrumental in the core success of the event. Without their invaluable assistance and support, no event would have been possible. For that, we thank them wholeheartedly. As well, our other partners, Mt Warning Rainforest Park,…

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cruisemaster's rich heritage continues apace

“THE CRUISEMASTER XT’S SIMPLE YET ROBUST DESIGN ALLOWS YOU TO TOW YOUR TRAILER WHEREVER THE ROAD TAKES YOU”. Look underneath any respectable high spec camper and you’re likely to see a Cruisemaster chassis, suspension system or drawbar. Look at the hitching configuration and again, you’re likely to see a Cruisemaster product. It’s no accident that many of Australia's leading manufacturers of campers choose to use Cruisemaster. Their DO35 hitch is regarded as the finest and most dependable currently available in the marketplace, and when it comes to hitches, these are the two attributes you want above all others. Similarly, their suspension systems are custom-designed with Australian offroad conditions in mind. This is probably the most important detail to consider if ever in the market for a towable vehicle: will it rattle to pieces over…

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campers in paradise

"THE PRESENTATION OF EVERY FINALIST, THEY SAID IN UNANIMITY, WAS EXCEPTIONAL" The camper trailer industry has levelled up. The inventiveness and quality of finish of all finalists during the recent Cruisemaster Camper Trailer of the Year was, in a word, outstanding. Our four judges, all of whom have been involved in many previous stagings of the event, were unanimous in their overall assessment of the industry. By every metric it was the strongest and most impressive event in which they’d been involved. The presentation of every finalist, they said in unanimity, was exceptional. COMPETITION WEEK We placed all finalists into five price-gauged categories: UNDER 15k, 15-30k, 30-45k and the big beasts, the super-bling and, in some cases, seemingly NASA-worthy spaceship-like luxury camping machines you could take to the moon: the 45k plus and…

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a note from adventures group ceo, rob gallagher

It wasn't hard to be super-impressed by both the quality of build and diversity of the campers on show. The level of innovation shown by both the Australian-made and imported products was patently obvious and showed a real shift in the mindset of the camper trailer market. The fact we were debating how to define the 'hybrid' category showed how much that segment has moved-on in the past 12-24 months, from being a niche to a segment (or multiple segments) unto itself. The vision for Cruisemaster Camper Trailer of the Year was to create an inclusive industry event which showcased the best of breed. The community spirit around the 'campfire' showed genuine intent to grow the category into the future. Lifting the bar around quality, safety and innovation was seen, historically, as the domain…

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the judges

YOU’D BE HARD PRESSED TO LINE UP A KEENER CREW OF CAMPER TRAILER JUDGES. A previous editor of Camper and one of Australia’s foremost outdoor writers and journalists, Emma is a committed proponent of a well-made, usable and thoughtfully-designed camper. Most recently, she undertook an epic adventure assignment in the Kimberley and regularly embarks on similar endeavours to many locations around the country for Camper. One of the finest offroad motoring and camping writers anywhere, Dan’s style and discerning eye for well-made, robust and fully-capable automotive and camping machinery has won him many fans. Dan regularly pens and shoots Camper’s tow-test and reviews. Most recently he led our team on last year’s massive Race to the Cape assignment. A well-respected industry voice, David brings experience, Mandarin-like wisdom and a natural forensic-like attention to…