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February 2022

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As it certainly did when I first laid eyes on this stunning image taken at Victoria’s beautiful Broughton Hall (page 14). Captured in the home’s lush gardens, there’s something so refined about this peacock’s flamboyant plumage, contrasted with the rusticity of a working shed. It’s a reminder that the bold, basic and beautiful absolutely belong together. And it’s a lesson you can apply to your own home as the new year (finally) starts to play out. Food wise, if you’ve vowed to do things a little differently, we’re with you, starting with our flavour-filled Aussie spin on summer classics (page 72). You’ve never thought to use Iced VoVos quite like this! And you won’t be able to resist tucking into the cob dip time and again – it’s delicious! There’s also…

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sweet dreams are made of this

The renowned garden on show at Broughton Hall in Victoria’s Gippsland is one you can only dream about having, considering its size, the time it takes to tend and its celebration of roses. What is attainable, however, is the multitude of ideas it presents – such as how a little wooden arched seat fortified with pots of lavender can sit sweetly in your garden. Or what plant is ideal for a shady spot. Or how one pillar in a colonnade can become a vertical garden in your courtyard. It shows that, while flowers catch your eye, it’s form and foliage that fill the picture. ABOUT THE GARDEN On top of a hill where cattle once grazed, grace is energised Broughton Hall grew from a cow paddock outside Jindivick village in the foothills of…

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working with beauty rugged

ABOUT THE GARDEN The almost half-hectare of gardens at Tasmania’s historic Ship Inn in Stanley are on an isthmus almost 7km out to sea and nestled under the shadow of The Nut, the remnant of an ancient volcanic plug. In winter the winds off Bass Strait can be brutal, but the high rainfall is a benefit. A standout feature is the stone terraces, walls and paths, made from rocks found in the grounds by the boutique hotel’s co-owner and expert stonemason, Alistair Houston. LET’S GO TROUBLESHOOTING ◆ PROBLEM Available sunlight changes through the year. In winter, The Nut casts a shadow over the garden until late afternoon; in summer it’s exposed to sunlight all day. ◆ SOLUTION Use shade-tolerant plants such as camellias, deciduous magnolias and native bushes such as the Tasmanian pepper berry (Tasmannia…

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don’t fry, go dry

It may sound a little counter-intuitive, but replacing grass with gravel is one way to go greener in your garden. Immediately you’re helping the environment and reducing your carbon footprint by removing the need for mowing and artificial fertilisers. Your water use also declines dramatically as does your weeding and use of herbicides. Plus, your garden can still be as warm and inviting as it was with the lawn. You’ll just have more time to appreciate it. DESIGN TIPS • With no need to mow, you can put your plants wherever you want. • Combine your gravel with barefoot-friendly stone or timber pavers. • Put in plenty of airy grasses and perennials to make your garden easygoing and soft-looking. • Lots of greenery creates a lush feel, even in a dry zone. • Keep existing trees…

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from bare to beautiful

SEEN ON BHG TV FRIDAYS 7.00 There may be part of the garden you never visit as there’s nothing you want to see or do there. You can change all that by creating a small garden bed with huge wow factor. Add colour with deep purple heucheras and soft purple statice, bring in perfume with gardenias and enjoy glamour with a couple of evergreen magnolias. Then add an arch and stepping stones to turn that boring side passage into an inviting garden path, and voila! You’ve just created a space you’ll visit more. PS, an easy-install automated irrigation system keeps your new plants healthy. EASY STEPS TO YOUR GARDEN BED AND SIDE PATH Gather your supplies • Aluminium garden edging and 300mm spikes • Garden arch • Coarse, washed river sand • Round stepping stones • Selection of…