Australian Performance Horse Magazine May - June 2021

James and Tanya O’Ryan are a husband and wife team with a reputation for creative ideas, work attribute, positive attitude and dedication in everything they commit to. They are excited to add the Australian Performance Horse Magazine to the enterprises they currently own and manage. With the couple’s passion for horses the opportunity to own the Australian Performance Horse Magazine seemed a no brainer. A third generation Equestrian and a background across the many English and Western disciplines Tanya understands that horses are more than a hobby, they are a lifetime passion. James has a background in farming as well as producing, training and riding Stock Horses. Together they run Crackenrock Performance Horses. The APH Magazine first hit the newsstands in 1989, and in 2019 we celebrate 30 years of publication. James and Tanya look forward to taking this magazine into the future by continuing to include all performance horse disciplines from show jumping to showing, campdrafting to reining and everything in between. James and Tanya believe that a job worth doing, is worth doing well. In every area of business, they are known for their commitment to delivering products and services they can be proud of. As new owners of the Australian Performance Horse Magazine, their commitment is to provide advertisers, industry representatives and readers with a quality publication worthy of our many performance horse disciplines.

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from the editors

Welcome to the 2021 May - June Edition of the Australian Performance Horse Magazine. We are looking forward to getting out and about this year and meeting as many of you as possible, so please if you see us at an event come over and say hi! With so many events on, it has been great to be out competing again. Inside this edition we are keeping up to date with Xtreme Broncs Australia, some absolute amazing bucking horses and cowboys! We have an amazing article on Addy, an injured stock horse with a miracle recovery, we also caught up with Reined Cow Horse Competitor Kat O’Brien, as well as quick questions with Jessy Fox the Man From Snowy River Junior Challenge Champion! There is part 2 of the amazing inspirational…

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attention to detail

If you asked me what was the one skill that people should try to develop both with and away from their horses to improve their horsemanship, I would say attention to detail. Why? Because it is the one thing that you can work on, with or without your horse, that will affect all elements of your horsemanship and horse handling. How? Teach yourself to pay attention. Learn to be aware of the small things and how they affect the big things. The Result? You will get on top of training and health issues faster. Your horses will be happy and healthier and your horsemanship will progress in a more fluid and consistent manner. LOOK FOR THE POSITIVE Be sure to not confuse an eye for details with being critical; these are two different things. Watching, observing and acting…

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feeding for joint health

Athletic competition often requires horses to run, jump, turn, start and stop, placing an enormous strain on the skeletal system. As such, a performance horse may fail to reach its athletic potential because of injuries and diseases of joints, which are the most common causes of lameness. As joint problems can be a limiting factor in career longevity of athletic horses, care and maintenance of joints are a major concern among horsemen. The Equine Joint A joint is the union of two bones, regardless of the location in the body. A joint allows controlled movement of bones relative to each other, thus allowing the skeleton to move. Joints found in the leg of a horse endure incredible pressure during movement. In a healthy joint, the ends of the bones are coated with…

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izabella dunne - part 2 ‘healing, horses & extra sass!’

Two weeks after her fifth serious operation, Western Performance Youth competitor, Izabella Dunne was heading home, which surprised everyone, including herself! She’d ended up quite sick after her previous surgeries, but this time around, she’d spent less time in ICU, and didn’t flat-line again—a huge relief for everyone. The thought of being home & back to her everyday life with horses powered up her motivation levels, and it was just what the doctor ordered! Bella was excited to be heading home to her family and, of course, her four-legged friends. It was hard to contain her happiness. For her mum, Pieta, the moment was one of extreme relief, considering the ordeal of the last few months. After leaving the hospital in Brisbane, Pieta would first take Bella to see her Ninny…

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the man from snowy river bush festival

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Man from Snowy River Bush Festival in it’s current form. What we see today has evolved from a grass roots event back in the 1960s, with no paid staff, just volunteers, many of whom were riders themselves. The iconic Riley’s ride was born in1989 when local legends, John Williams and Dougy Sheather, cut the first part of the original track that Jack Riley came down on, all those many years ago, in need of help. Both John and their horses were mountain bred. This was steep, relentless, and often brutal country. I can imagine Jack Riley back then, fighting for his life, in a world of pain, opening his eyes just to find comfort in the beautiful vistas we all know today as the…

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a few quick questions with jessy fox

If you could be anyone for a day who would you be? Rob Leach Who do you look up to? Ronny Wall Best piece of advice you have ever been given? Ride the horse you are on and not the one you think your on. Secrets to becoming a champion? Never giving up and always have patience. Set reasonable goals for yourself. What song best describes you? Honestly can’t think of one….. Why do you challenge? What is it that you love and keeps you coming back? I enjoy challenging because it’s not just one event, it’s multiple. From horsemanship to self skills, you are in groups and everyone is always there to help. But not only that you learn a lot from the people in your group. Taking in advice and learning what to improve on. The constant challenge to…