Australian Performance Horse Magazine January - February 2021

James and Tanya O’Ryan are a husband and wife team with a reputation for creative ideas, work attribute, positive attitude and dedication in everything they commit to. They are excited to add the Australian Performance Horse Magazine to the enterprises they currently own and manage. With the couple’s passion for horses the opportunity to own the Australian Performance Horse Magazine seemed a no brainer. A third generation Equestrian and a background across the many English and Western disciplines Tanya understands that horses are more than a hobby, they are a lifetime passion. James has a background in farming as well as producing, training and riding Stock Horses. Together they run Crackenrock Performance Horses. The APH Magazine first hit the newsstands in 1989, and in 2019 we celebrate 30 years of publication. James and Tanya look forward to taking this magazine into the future by continuing to include all performance horse disciplines from show jumping to showing, campdrafting to reining and everything in between. James and Tanya believe that a job worth doing, is worth doing well. In every area of business, they are known for their commitment to delivering products and services they can be proud of. As new owners of the Australian Performance Horse Magazine, their commitment is to provide advertisers, industry representatives and readers with a quality publication worthy of our many performance horse disciplines.

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from the editors

Welcome to the 2021 January-February Edition of the Australian Performance Horse Magazine. We hope all our readers have had a chance to sit back, relax and enjoy Christmas and the New Year. We are looking forward to getting out and about this year and meeting as many of you as possible, so please if you see us at an event come over and say hi! As I write this the east coast is getting battered by storms and rain, so I hope those of you in these areas are doing ok and come out the other side unscathed! Inside this edition make sure you check out the Bucking Horse Futurity Australia Article, some absolute amazing bucking horses and a great group of people putting it all together!! We have an amazing…

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groundworking young horses with michelle o'neill part 2

WHAT IS GROUNDWORK? Groundwork can carry a lot of negative connotations for some people, but if you go near your horse on foot, then you are doing groundwork. Any time you are interacting with your horse on the ground, you are teaching your horse something, good or bad, so it is best to make each interaction a positive one. To achieve this, you only need to consider if what you are doing with your horse will have a positive or negative effect on their training, and you will know if you need to look for a better method. WHY GROUNDWORK? Groundwork is the base of everything that we want to do with our horses under saddle. The better your groundwork, the better your relationship will be with your horse when you ride it. When horses…

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down the fence at binnaway

The small village of Binnaway in Central West NSW ran their first ever Cow Horse show in the newly built multipurpose arena from Friday the 6th to Sunday the 8th November 2020. One of the weekend’s features was a Pre-Futurity held on the Friday afternoon which was one of the first age specific events for Cow Horse held in Australia for many years. A great arena along with excellent cattle allowed spectators to witness some outstanding runs by these futurity horses. Across the three components including herd work, reining and down the fence, Adam Wrobel on ‘Branchvale Nips n Tucks’ owned by David Badior came out triumphant with 216½ points. As the winner Adam received a pair of custom-made chaps by Callie Bailey and sponsored by WK Equine, a bridle kindly built…

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quarter horses in the limelight!

‘THEY’RE A JOY TO OWN and SHOW!’ - Jess Simpson of Gympie, Qld ‘Because of my parents, Mavis and Robert,’ Jess Simpson begins. ‘My sister, Cassandra and I grew up around Quarter Horses, with our family showing in various classes, like Halter, Reining and other Western Performance events. From this, I developed my deep love for Quarter Horses. My husband, Michael and I, now own a Quarter Horse stud and breed our own foals.’ Jess Simpson gets an immense enjoyment in watching their babies grow up, and then training them for the showring. ‘I’ve found Quarter Horses to have wonderful temperaments and personalities.’ Jess goes on. ‘Call me biased, but I think Quarter Horses have the best muscle definition by far, of all the horse breeds. Nothing beats that great feeling on the…

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adam wrobel focused on the future!

Adam Wrobel grew up in suburbia, on the Central Coast of NSW, and to this day has no idea why, at around the age of 4, he became completely obsessed with horses. ‘None of my family rode, and we had no contact with horses, whatsoever. But I had a picture in my head of the horse I wanted, and I can still visualise that horse today.’ Adam was five when his parents decided it was getting way too crowded on the Central Coast, so in 1992 they moved their family out onto an 80 acre farm at Missabotti, situated just out of Bowraville, in the Nambucca Valley. ‘Four years after that move, with my horse obsession as strong as ever,’ Adam remembers. ‘We finally got a pony! I was that excited and I…

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incorporating mindfulness into your competition riding – the game changer

Equine Mind Coach One of the biggest challenges riders experience is the battle that starts in the mind! Whether it be self-doubt, worried what others think, not feeling good enough, perhaps focusing on the “what if’s”. Firstly, please understand you are not alone! We have all experienced this at some stage. As a result of your mind defaulting into this negatively geared pattern, your nervous system will most likely be affected. You may experience anxiety, muscle pain, perhaps migraines or even result in an illness or stomach ulcers. When your nervous system is affected, your external physical appearance may alter. From your facial expressions, your presence, the way you stand, and your reaction times. From coaching experience, previous incidents between horse and rider have occurred because the rider hasn’t been fully present and didn’t read,…