Australian Performance Horse Magazine November - December 2020

James and Tanya O’Ryan are a husband and wife team with a reputation for creative ideas, work attribute, positive attitude and dedication in everything they commit to. They are excited to add the Australian Performance Horse Magazine to the enterprises they currently own and manage. With the couple’s passion for horses the opportunity to own the Australian Performance Horse Magazine seemed a no brainer. A third generation Equestrian and a background across the many English and Western disciplines Tanya understands that horses are more than a hobby, they are a lifetime passion. James has a background in farming as well as producing, training and riding Stock Horses. Together they run Crackenrock Performance Horses. The APH Magazine first hit the newsstands in 1989, and in 2019 we celebrate 30 years of publication. James and Tanya look forward to taking this magazine into the future by continuing to include all performance horse disciplines from show jumping to showing, campdrafting to reining and everything in between. James and Tanya believe that a job worth doing, is worth doing well. In every area of business, they are known for their commitment to delivering products and services they can be proud of. As new owners of the Australian Performance Horse Magazine, their commitment is to provide advertisers, industry representatives and readers with a quality publication worthy of our many performance horse disciplines.

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from the editors

Welcome to the 2020 November-December Christmas Edition of the Australian Performance Horse Magazine. We hope all our readers are well and are prepping ready for events to restart or you have been lucky enough to have already been out there. You will see we have a few events back in this issue and the smiles on everyone are just awesome! Inside this edition make sure you check out our SUPER STALLION and BREEDING feature!! We have some Superb Stallions and breeding season is sailing! We have an amazing article on Appaloosas, a super article with Chris Ware from Wungum Training Stables and a great little story on Dave Ethell the Rodeo Photographer. With Christmas approaching we have gathered some great gift ideas in our ‘All I want for Christmas’ and Gift…

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groundworking young horses with michelle o’neill

WHAT IS GROUNDWORK? Groundwork can carry a lot of negative connotations for some people, but if you go near your horse on foot, then you are doing groundwork. Any time you are interacting with your horse on the ground, you are teaching your horse something, good or bad, so it is best to make each interaction a positive one. To achieve this, you only need to consider if what you are doing with your horse will have a positive or negative effect on their training, and you will know if you need to look for a better method. WHY GROUNDWORK? Groundwork is the base of everything that we want to do with our horses under saddle. The better your groundwork, the better your relationship will be with your horse when you ride it. When horses…

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wildhorse cutting 2020 4th-6th september

Herd Settlers got to work early each morning at the Rolleston Sports Ground for Wildhorse Cutting. With record nominations, following months of inactivity thanks to COVID-19, the 2020 Jackpot Show was a huge success. Cancellations of events across the country for most of the year meant that aged event horses had no opportunity to be shown, and thanks to the tireless work of a very small crew Wildhorse Cutting was able to provide an opportunity for these three, four and five/six year old horses to have a run. With border restrictions in place Wildhorse Cutting 2020 became a Queensland only event, but it was the biggest yet. Light towers were rolled into place to allow the programme to continue into the night and accommodate the 405 runs over the three days.…

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spotlight on appaloosas!

‘A UNIQUE BREED’ - Maria Stokes It was during the late 1970’s that a friend of Maria Stokes asked her if she’d like to come and help her at a horse show. While Maria helped her friend with her Appaloosas, she couldn’t help but notice the difference in the temperament from some of the other breeds that were there. Comparing them with her friend’s calm Appaloosas was an eye-opener for Maria. She realised that her friend’s horses were constantly standing quietly, just waiting to do their job. From that point on, Maria was hooked, eventually purchasing her own Appaloosas. ‘It’s not just their temperaments that I love,’ Maria admits. ‘It’s also those beautiful Appaloosa colour patterns — leopards, blankets, few-spots, snow-caps, varnish and the many variations in between!’ While having a kind horse…

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gary lung windhill stables

Gary Lung is a QLD based Dressage Rider with a wonderful background. At the recent Brisbane CDN Gary was a host and commentated for the event. He is always friendly, happy and is so supportive to fellow competitors. Gary started riding at the age of 9 years old in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. He learnt to ride with the Lindgren family - Tim, Roland and Carl. He went to Bomana Pony Club located at the Port Moresby Turf Club just outside of town. During the next 10 years, he rode in the following disciplines: Pony Club, Showing, Dressage, Steeple chase racing, Show Jumping, Racing, Eventing, Polocrosse, Polo. Even though he did not specialise in one discipline, riding in all of these disciplines has helped shape Gary’s horsemanship skills and knowledge. In…

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disaster or opportunity?

How often have you focused on what 2020 has taken from you? There’s no doubt 2020 has been a challenging year, and I personally feel for the families that are still experiencing isolation and long term lockdown. What if we focused on the opportunities it could offer you? - Rest - More preparation time - Personal Growth - New Horse - Update gear - Improved learning This year has certainly been a time where I have personally found myself reflecting, and assisting others to reflect, create change and form new habits. As I reflected, and coached others, we were able to move our focus towards our new future self and the following topics popped up: - De-Stressed with Mindfulness - Gratitude - Created a new ride plan - Created a personalised competition plan - Improve riding skills - Found what was important - Found there why? - Improve…