Australasian Bus & Coach Issue 399

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get off my planet! now!

Friday night behind a 10-car long take-way food drive-thru queue. “Get off my planet! Now!” So frustrating… If 2020 were an avalanche then right about now many of us would calling out for help and hoping the nearest rescue St Bernard was on its way ASAP – with that little neck barrel in tow. Nice one, Fido! Interestingly, the internet points out – so take it with a grain of salt; question everything, I say – the ‘most famous’ St Bernard was called Barry and he saved between 40 and 100 ‘hooman’ lives during his Italian-Swiss Alps rescuing stint. Go Barry! What a legend. In fact, apparently many of these dogs back in the day weren’t trained and dogs just learned from other dogs, each generation, how to rescue people. How…

3 min
busways’ adelaide metro success

NSW-BASED bus operator Busways has successfully transitioned its new Adelaide Metro workforce, using a ‘digital employee engagement’ app strategy to help overcome the challenges of the current pandemic, it explains. By using a clever ‘social media’ technology, Busways adapted its interstate approach to move smoothly into its new Adelaide Metro contract’s two depots and welcome 215 new employees to the existing Busways 1,500+ workforce. The company was selected by the South Australian government on March 11, 2020 to begin operating services for the Adelaide Outer South contract on July 5; the only new market entrant appointed in two tranches of bus contract tenders, it explains. After 77 years of service in New South Wales it was the company’s first interstate expansion and made Busways’ Australia’s largest privately owned bus operator, it confirms. Throw…

2 min
e-buses part of qld election commitment

Ahead of the recent Queensland state elections, the Labor government announced a $23 billion investment to “supercharge roads, public transport and jobs”, with electric buses a key feature of the plan. The announcement would see the Gold Coast and Logan areas set to become “the home of electric buses with a re-elected Palaszczuk government to supercharge the industry by building and trialling the technology in the growing region”, it stated. Transport and main roads minister Mark Bailey says Gold Coast and Logan commuters would enjoy “a first-hand glimpse of the future” with the government to partner with local companies Bustech, Kinetic (Surfside Buslines) and Clarks (Clarks Logan City Bus Service), it confirms. “We’ve built light rail, we’re rolling out the longest electric vehicle superhighway in the world, and from next year locals will…

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buslink nt commits $660k to improve safety

NORTHERN TERRITORY WorkSafe has accepted a $660K ‘enforceable undertaking’ from Buslink NT Pty Ltd over the tragic death of a bus driver, who was fatally injured as a result of a bus rollaway incident in 2017. NT WorkSafe alleged that despite numerous safety reports in the Australian bus industry highlighting the dangers of bus rollaway incidents and a Buslink bus being involved in a similar near miss days earlier, Buslink NT failed to implement adequate control measures. NT WorkSafe further alleges this failure not only exposed the worker to the risk of death or serious illness, but also had the potential of placing the health and safety of their passengers and nearby pedestrians at risk, it states. Buslink NT was charged with six offences under Section 32 of the Work Health and Safety…

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byd-backed e-bus manufacturing site acquired

A PROPOSED $700 million e-bus and e-vehicle manufacturing hub in the NSW Southern Highlands – backed by Chinese manufacturer BYD – is a step closer after ‘cleantech’ company TruGreen’s subsidiary Nexport secured a 51-hectare Moss Vale site. As the Australian Financial Review (AFR) reported, the site south-west of Sydney aims to be at the forefront of a revival of local manufacturing, with as many as 2,000 new skilled jobs envisaged for the entity. According to the AFR, Nexport chief executive Luke Todd confirms the 51-hectare site at an industrial estate at Moss Vale in the Southern Highlands had been acquired for the manufacturing operation as it aims to become a big player in making electric buses and vehicles. Nexport is the largest supplier of electric buses in Australia, it states, and uses electric…

3 min
brisbane fades out natural-gas buses

CLEAN DIESEL-technology buses will slowly replace Brisbane City Council’s aging ‘eco-friendly’ natural-gas run fleet, with reported explosions resulting in gas tanks only being half filled for safety, affecting efficiency, an ABC Radio Brisbane broadcast highlights recently. As the basis for a printed story on www.abc.net.au called ‘Brisbane City Council swaps “exploding” gas-powered buses for diesel following gas cylinder explosions’, it states that the, “…new diesel buses are a stopgap, with Brisbane City Council’s long-term plans to use a mix of greener technologies, like electricity and hydrogen, still years off.” It added: “Explosions in 2008 and 2012 led to policies that restricted gas buses operating with half-filled tanks, which meant they needed to be refuelled more often. “The council is withdrawing the gas buses, which make up about a third of the fleet, and…