Audio Esoterica

Issue 1 - 2021

Audio Esoterica is a spectacular new high quality publication for the discerning audiophile. Only the very best high-end components are featured, in dramatic photographic layouts that emphasise product design and engineering excellence while the industry’s leaders provide insider insights to Australia’s most experienced audio journalists. Audio Esoterica is all about the very best that the high-end audio world has to offer.

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wilson audio alexx 5

The new Wilson Audio Alexx 5 is not an updated version of the original Alexx that was released to universal acclaim in 2016. Designer Darryl Wilson says he and his team decided to approach the Alexx V as it if were an all-new loudspeaker. “We took elements that clearly worked in the origi-nal design and began to apply the myriad of technologies generated by Wilson’s R&D since the advent of the Alexx for the WAMM Master Chronosonic, Chronosonic XVX, Sasha DAW, and SabrinaX,” he said This sees the new Alexx V using the same 177mm Alnico QuadraMag driver originally developed for the Chronosonic XV. Its crossover network uses the same AudioCapX-WA capacitors that are used in the WAMM Master Chronosonic, all of which are made in-house at Wilson Audio. Its terminals…

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bergmann gold edition galder turntable

Bergmann turntables oat in the air, liter-ally! Or, to be more precise, the rotating platters on Bergmann turntables float on a layer of air, in order to make sure that unwanted noise cannot affect the music on an LP. It isn’t only the platter that floats in the air either — so does the tonearm that supports the phono cartridge, so there’s no way for noise to enter your hi-fi system that way either. Play LPs on a Bergmann turntable and you hear only the music, nothing else. The Bergmann name is hallowed in hi-fi circles because every single part used in its turntables and tonearms is manufactured in designer Johnnie Bergmann’s own workshop in Denmark. His Galder turntable (pictured here in its Gold Edition, with a matching Gold Edition Odin…

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tivoli hi-fi

Melbourne’s Tivoli Hi-Fi in Hawthorn East is a destination store for hi-fi, home theatre and installation projects, and is renowned not only for the quality of its advice but also for the quality and décor of its listening rooms. We asked Tivoli Hi-Fi’s James Tranchina to give us a quick tour around some of their key high-end brands and latest arrivals. First stop was Wilson Audio, which has just returned to Tivoli Hi-Fiwith its SabrinaX, Sasha DAW and Alexia Series 2 models. We asked James what makes Wilson Audio special. “Well they just sound absolutely gorgeous,” he says. “It’s a speaker we know well as a store, and while there’s no right or wrong when it comes to speaker choice, I just feel they’re the most natural and honest-sounding speaker that…

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dan d’agostino master audio systems progression

Daniel D’ Agostino, the founder of D’ Agostino Master Audio Systems and the designer of the Progression Integrated amplifier, is one of the world’s foremost amplifier designers. He first found fame as the founder of Krell, where his amplifiers were lauded for their power, their performance and their sound quality. As for their looks, well, not so much, as Borat would say. When Daniel founded D ’ Agostino Master Audio Systems, he decided that he’d better begin to start paying as much attention to his amplifiers ’ external appearance as he did to their circuitry, their performance and their sound quality. His first design, the Momentum M400 mono power amp, was arguabl the first amplifier he’d ever designed that looked every bit as good as it sounded, which was proved by…

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sonus faber electa amator iii

Che sorpresa! There I was expecting delivery of a pair of small, bookshelf loud-speakers and the courier made me sign for two outrageously large cartons, both of which were so heavy that I had to get a trolley to move them off the stoop. How on earth could either of these cartons contain a pair of small bookshelf loudspeakers? Once inside, I opened the smaller of the two cartons first, which revealed the Sonus faber Electa Amator III loudspeakers I had been expecting. So what could possibly be in the larger box? Had the distributor also sent me a second, larger pair of loudspeakers to evaluate? A few moments with a box-cutter revealed that the larger carton contained a pair of stands — stands that I later discovered were designed specifically…