AMC Immortals Vol 2

AMC Immortals Vol 2

Immortals Volume 2, a special edition of Australian MUSCLE CAR magazine, is a showcase of some of our legendary muscle race machines of the past – including Dick Johnson’s ‘Greens-Tuf’ Falcon XE, Kevin Bartlett’s Channel 9 Camaro, Bob Morris’ Ron Hodgson Motors Torana L34 and Ian Geoghegan’s ’65 model Ford Mustang.

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This special edition of Australian Muscle Car magazine features just four cars, plus one racing team. The latter is represented by one car, the only model this team ever fielded in competition. The Holden Dealer Racing Team was short-lived, contesting just the 1968 London-to-Sydney Marathon and that year’s Bathurst 500. But it’s highly significant in that this team represented the moment when Holden finally took the plunge to get involved in racing. This was the very first Holden factory-backed – official or otherwise – racing team. It was a false start, an unsuccessful venture, but it laid the foundations for what was to come – a continued on-track presence from Holden right up until the decision was taken by parent company General Motors to retire the brand. For Holden to maintain an…

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the incredible hulk

PARITY WARS A bitter, bloody political war was being waged in Australian touring car racing when Dick’s Greens-Tuf XE Falcon was first blooded in the 1983 Australian Endurance Championship. After extensive lobbying from various competitors and manufacturers, the sport’s governing body - The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) - had introduced sweeping changes to the technical specifications of a wide variety of cars competing in the premier Group C category. The idea was to try and provide some form of level playing field. There were a lot more than just Falcon and Commodore V8s competing for outright honours, so the rule makers faced a much more difficult task of achieving true performance parity than with today’s clone-like V8 Supercars. Group C touring car racing in 1983 featured no less than seven…

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holden torana l34

Screen grabs from the DVD Torana SL/R 5000/Seven Network BOB MORRIS AMC: You were the last of the top Holden drivers to switch to racing an L34, because even though the factory HDT cars made their debut in the opening round of the 1974 Manufacturers Championship at Adelaide International Raceway, you stuck with your trusty LJ GTR XU-1 for the first three rounds at Adelaide, Sandown and Bathurst. Why was that? BOB MORRIS: Just because the XU-1 was a more proven car at that stage. If memory serves me correctly, my L34 was the first one to roll off the production line (this is correct - see restoration story: Ed) but I think we were taking a little bit of time with it because we didn’t have any experience with a V8. I…

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by the numbers

Complete vehicle identification is provided on the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) plate. It comprises a 14-digit number and incorporates the all-important PSN (Production Serial Number). It also features an engine code digit and a model year digit. VIN 8D69ZDJ430462H The PSN (J430462) is used for all internal GM-H vehicle correspondence from construction to warranty and follow-up issues. The PSN also confirms this particular vehicle as the first production L34 built out of a total of 263. 8 GM-H Australia (Holden) D Luxury level – SL/R 69 Body style – 4 door sedan Z Engine code – 5.0 litre V8 variant two (L34) D Model year – 1974 (9/73 – 8/74) J4 VAP (Vehicle Assembly Plant). Also the first two digits of the PSN H Model series programme (LH Torana) The Safety Compliance Plate contains information required for vehicle registration purposes. Australian…

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kevin bartlett’s z28 camaro

SPIRIT OF AMERICA Kevin Bartlett and his Z28 Camaro did not win the Australian Touring Car Championship, nor the Bathurst 1000, yet they are one of the most famous and revered car/driver combinations in Aussie touring car racing history. Why? Because for three unforgettable seasons, Bartlett and his corporate backer, Kerry Packer, created so much excitement with their big, bruising American V8 coupe that their legacy is permanently etched in the hearts and minds of race fans who witnessed its relatively short but spectacular career. It was a difficult project. Bartlett’s determination not to follow the local Ford and Holden schools meant he would be swimming against a tide of Falcon and Commodore racers that feared the unknown potential of this brutally handsome imported muscle car. The story of its development, and the…

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pete geoghegan's 1965 ford mustang

The Greatest Ever? You are looking at arguably the greatest Australian touring car of all time. No other Mustang beat Pete Geoghegan’s 1965 model during the 74 races that made up its astonishing career. From those 74 starts, it recorded 68 wins - a winning ratio of more than 90 percent! Along the way, Geoghegan didn’t just clean up – like Mr Sheen, he also dusted, waxed and polished. Pete became the 1966 Australian Touring Car Champion (after a brilliant victory over Norm Beechey’s 327ci Chevy Nova at Mount Panorama), NSW Touring Car Champion, Victorian Touring Car Champion and Queensland Touring Car Champion. He also won the 1966 AJC Trophy at Warwick Farm, the 1966 Gold Star Touring Car Series at Lakeside and held the touring car lap record at every circuit…