1001 Mountain Bike Tips

1001 Mountain Bike Tips 2021

1001 Mountain Bike Tips is packed with expert MTB advice from cover to cover Inside, you’ll find tons of riding techniques from beginner to advanced, we show you how to achieve peak bike fitness which will allow you to ride at your best, how to maintain and upgrade your mountain bike, plus a whole lot more. We’ve worked with MBUK, the UK’s best-selling mountain bike mag, to bring you the best and most up to date advice around, along with plenty of input from a host of pro riders and top coaches. Our aim is that 1001 Mountain Bike Tips will help take your mountain bike skills and knowledge to the next level. Inside this special edition, you’ll discover how to: • Improve your cornering • Hit jumps with confidence • Take on steep drops • Ride switchbacks • Sort out your suspension • Set-up an e-bike • Bleed your brakes • Go tubeless • Build bike fitness • Get stronger • Warm-up properly • And much more!

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